GMP offers exceptional DVD printing quality in upto 5 colours using spot PMS or 4 colour process application. We also offer downloadable impositions templates.

DVD Printing

CD / DVD Label Printing

To ensure that the best result is obtained for dvd printing, all below specifications are followed closely. GMP can screen print up to 5 colours on your CDs & DVDs utilising either spot PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colours or 4 Colour Process (full Colour) applications.

When preparing CD or DVD Label artwork, all film must conform to the following specifications:

  • Positive Film Separations
  • Right Reading
  • Emulsion Up
  • 133 Line Screen
  • Do not include bleed
  • Centre Registration cross to appear on all separations
  • Text size – minimum 5 point in positive print / 7 point reversed text
  • Line Width – minimum 0.15 mm positive print / 0.25 in reversed print

Please find below downloadable impositions templates for standard printed formats for CD & DVD printing. Please check with GMP before preparing your artwork to these specifications as certain print applications may have different imposition requirements.CD Label Film spec

DVD Label Film spec

Half Tones & Duo Tones

It is important when designing artwork to reproduce half tones or duo tones that all specifications are followed closely and that an appreciation of the limitation of the screen printing process is taken into account. A chemical or digital proof must accompany film separations.

Screen Angle: 45 degrees
Dot Type: Elliptical
Density Range: Highlights 15% / Shadows 80%

CMYK / Picture Discs

GMP offer high resolution 4 colour process label printing of discs. It is recommended that a white base wash be included as part of this process so that the full colour design can be most colour accurate to its intended design. Remembering that the surface colour of the disc is silver, to print 4 colour process without a white base results in a metallic effect which, in most cases, will not match any proof supplied. A solid film should be supplied and output at the same time as the CMYK films so that all sizing matches each film separation. A chemical or accurate digital proof must be supplied with any CMYK films.

CMYK Label Film Specifications

Screen Angles
Yellow: 90 degrees
Cyan: 75 degrees
Magenta: 45 degrees
Black: 105 degrees
Dot Type: Elliptical
Highlights: 15%
Shadows: 80%

Compact Disc Logos

It is recommended that when preparing CD label artwork, an appropriate Philips Compact Disc logo is included and appears in correct proportion to the guidelines laid down by Philips in the official Philips CD Logo Guide.
Booklet / Paper Parts Printing Specifications

It is important that artwork specifications and correct film impositions are carefully followed. Please check before proceeding with film output as a direct to plate alternative can be provided with certain print applications. Direct to Plate is a modern plate making technology that can prepare printing plates directly from your electronic artwork file and is becoming far more available and a reliable alternative to film output.

  • Negative Film Separations
  • Right Reading
  • Emulsion Down
  • 150 Line Screen
  • 3mm Bleed
  • Registration and Crop Marks must appear on all separations
  • Chemical or Cromalin proof to accompany all film work

Please find below downloadable impositions templates for standard printed formats. Please check with GMP before preparing your artwork to these specifications as certain print applications may have different imposition requirements.

The following list includes standard artwork impositions for standard printed part formats supplied as downloadable PDF files. Please note that when considering booklet printing to be included in jewel cases, artwork for the tray inlay must also be supplied.

Tray Inlay
1 Page Booklet
1 Page and Tray Inlay
2 Page Booklet
2 Page and Tray Inlay
4 Page Booklet
6 Page Booklet
8 page stapled booklet
8 page parallel fold booklet
8 page Concertina Fold Booklet
8 page roll fold booklet
8 page gate fold booklet 
8 Page Poster
12 Page Booklet
16 Page Booklet
20 Page Booklet
24 Page Booklet
Slimline J Card
Cardboard Wallet