CD Duplication Melbourne


If you want to launch a key promotional project, deliver your music to the world, distribute a stunning business presentation, or simply require a small number (up to 500 or so) of backup copies of vital data, our superb CD duplication service is the option to choose.

Our friendly and experienced team here at GMP in Melbourne offer a highly professional CD duplication service – one that’s already used as a go-to solution by many government initiatives, and for both major corporate and small enterprise projects. Our many other clients include film production companies and up-and-coming bands. And, we hope, you!


Using our professional CD duplication services

CD duplication is the process by which your original content is delivered in the easy-to-access format of CD-R discs. Our GMP team work with you to carefully assemble your key source material from a master version – and this can be in either audio or data format. This is then processed into the logical volume format you require for a high quality finished product. The duplication burning onto high quality blank CD-R discs is then completed, in the quantities you require.

Six powerful reasons for choosing Global Media Productions for your CD duplication needs:

  • We offer the best value and most cost-effective bulk CD duplication services available!
  • Our wide experience with both source materials and the processes used helps us quickly understand the specific needs of each project
  • All sizes of jobs are undertaken and always to the highest professional standards
  • Where urgency is key, our swift 3-day turnaround time truly delivers\
  • For projects of more than 500 units, our replication service also excels
  • If you wish, we can also help design and deliver stunning packaging options for distribution of your duplicated CDs

GMP – ready to help now!

No matter the size or complexity of your needs, simply call (03) 9417 0519 to discuss your project, or email us at and we’ll call you right back. If you already know exactly what you need, simply take a moment to “Get A Free Quote” and provide us with the details.

So, how can we help you duplicate your product or message today?