Our CD replication process in Melbourne includes moulding, metalising, spin coating and screen printing in 6 colours. We deliver volumes above 500 units in 5 to 7 days.

CD Replication

GMP is an Australian owned and operated company located in Melbourne which specialises in CD replication. Our industry experience and expertise in this field enable us to provide solutions at affordable pricing.

CD replication is a process where new CD’s are replicated in mass quantities using a master print version that has been created from a source recording. We also provide moulding, metalising, spin coating and screen printing in 6 colours. We have a cost effective solution for CD audio, Disc and package pricing as we can deliver volumes above 500 units between 5 to 7 working days depending on the project requirements.

We also provide commercial run for CD’s, so whether you would like to do CD for Promotion, Sale or as a Gift, we can help you design a complete solution which includes package design and artwork. Ourartwork on the CD’s can be in form of logo , text or full image on the CD and its printed using two methods which are offset printing and screen printing. Over the years we have helped a huge range of clients with all of their CD replication needs, from bands to multinational corporations, from individuals to huge companies, we have worked on different projects and delivered everything on time.

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable CD replication company in Melbourne or all over Australia who produces quality material in minimum lead time, please contact our office for an instant quote for your next production order.

If you are looking for CD replication in Australia you have come to the right place. The replication process involves more than duplicating a master copy onto blank CDs. Replication is the actual making of the CDs at the time of recording the audio date onto them. This process includes moulding the CDs, spraying them with a metal coating, spin coating and screen printing them in up to six different colours. We can do all this with our replication machinery, so no matter how many you want we can handle your order.

Our usual time frame for CD replication in Australia is 5-7 days, so you will soon have your new CDs ready to give out for your promotion, whether you are a new band trying to get exposure, or a business that needs them for promotional purposes or for training – or to give as a gift. We have handled work for multi-nationals, individuals and corporations so we can handle yours too. We can also handle the packaging as well.

When it comes to CD replication, Australia knows that the best way to have their needs met is to deal with a company that has the right machinery and expertise. This is what we offer to all our customers and they have all gone away satisfied with the results. You too, can be a satisfied customer when you hold your special CDs in your hands so quickly after placing the order.

The art of cd replication is something that requires a great deal of attention – something that we are really good at. We do each step in the process with great care and attention to detail, and it is essential to verify the integrity of the input media before creating the glass master and then following all the other steps.