GMP has a DVD duplication Melbourne facility for assembling data or audio material from the master version. We deliver only high quality DVDs in a low turnaround time of 3 days.

DVD Duplication Melbourne

DVD duplication (burning) is the process similar to CD duplication of assembling source material from a master version, into the proper logical format then recorded onto DVD-R. This process will be ideal for below 500 units and the turnaround are about 3 working days.

GMP disc provides a DVD duplication service that can handle bulk duplication runs required in a short period of time. We take pride in creating reliable DVD’s for our clients, as we ensure quality control through rigorous testing prior to duplication.

We have years of experience providing our DVD duplication Melbourne to all matter of clients, having completed many projects with Government departments to independent film makers; so no DVD duplication job is too big or too small.

DVD duplication is ideal for those jobs below 500 units where you are working on a tight turn around of just 3 days.

Contact us today to find out how quick and easy it is to have your DVD’s duplicated.